Looking for fast upgrade ssd for under 200

Ever since I built my computer, Ive wanted to make an investment on a ssd but did'nt quite have the money. I looking for a fast ssd for use of a boot drive and the games i have that are not steam.
It should be under 200 and ranging from 120gb to 240gb. found this one Well it should be safe and I am pretty sure my case the haf 912 supports it. Thank you guys!
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    This is probably the best in your price range:
  2. Have a look at this:

    There are some providing less speed but more reliability. Then others providing high speeds but less reliability.

    So you just have to work out what's best for you.

    I think one of best SSDs on the market today is the Samsung 840 pro. I think the 256GB version is out of your price range.

    If it is the Samsung 840 Evo is still a decent SSD but at a cheaper price
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