CPU jumps so bad that sound glitches and mouse freezes while loading pages.

Hi. New to forums. So yeah, just like the topic says. While surfing the internet in any browser, for no reason from out of no where while loading pages CPU % starts jumping so bad (while loading page is finished) that while playing music, sound starts glitching and mouse freezing.

And I am running on Win8x64 8GB RAM and i3. Computer is one year old and this never happened, OS was never reinstalled and I already reinstalled all possible drivers and updated BIOS.

Another interesting fact that this doesn't happen suddenly after booting the PC, it takes 1-2 hours of simple home usage of the PC to make this glitching and CPU jumping start. And no matter what browser, IE, FF, Chrome, Opera - tried all.

Scanned for viruses and malware, using Avast, Spybot Search & Destroy and Agnitum Firewall.

No new software or anything was installed for over a month and this started happening couple days ago.

Restarting fixes this, but after 1-2h it comes back.

I don't have any system restore points left.

I tried loading 10 programs at a time on full CPU 100% and sound doesn't glitch nor mouse freeze. Neither while copying files on HDD 100%, but it takes to load average-sized page, or just spam CTRL+F5 a bit to get even more glitching and CPU jumping. I am not even talking about loading 5 tabs at a time, it's like it's going to explode.

Please help, I tried everything, I can't even track down what the hell is the problem.

Also please don't offer running Linux or sit on Safe mode for 2 hours hoping if something happens, I cannot do that. I am sure it wouldn't fix anything, like I said this never happened before, just now out of nowhere and not immediately.

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  1. "Restarting fixes this, but after 1-2h it comes back."

    This sounds like a heat issue. What are your temps on your CPU and GPU?

    "Also please don't offer running Linux or sit on Safe mode for 2 hours hoping if something happens, I cannot do that. I am sure it wouldn't fix anything, like I said this never happened before, just now out of nowhere and not immediately."

    LMAO :D
  2. Right, forgot to mention temps, it's all under 40. At least that's what Speedfan shows. And what's so funny? This is serious.
  3. Have you checked to see if your CPU throttles in any way even though the temps are good?
  4. But what does it mean? Can you be more specific please, I am not really a computer specialist. Also like I mentioned when trying to boost CPU to 100% in other ways, like launching 10 programs at a time, while at 100% CPU sound nor mouse doesn't lag. But it takes to load a page and all the glitches start!

    Also tried encoding a video to x264 which really eats up the CPU to the limit and still no issues while playing videos or music, no sound pops and mouse doesn't freeze/slow down.

    A mystery.
  5. As in, download CPU-Z and watch the clock speed when it "jumps" see if the jumping makes the CPU throttle to lower speeds.
  6. All infos on CPU-Z looks static, nothing doesn't change. Core Speed shows 3292.14 Mhz
  7. midts said:
    Right, forgot to mention temps, it's all under 40. At least that's what Speedfan shows. And what's so funny? This is serious.

    Is this under load or at idle? When you say all does this include the GPU?
  8. Well. It's all green or blue icons 30-40C temp for all items while using PC for home use, like watching movies, playing music, using Office, Photoshop software. When playing newer games GPU sometimes go up to 48C. On idle some items drop below 30C.
  9. You were right. After using the PC for hours now, the CPU-Z shows Core Speed as 1596.19 Mhz for some reason. Why it's not 3292.14 Mhz like it was before? And yes, it's jumping now from 1,5k to 3k Mhz while browsing, but it drops back to 1,5k Mhz. So what does that all mean and how to fix that? I can't restart it every 2-3h just to fix that for short time. And temperatures are ~35C.
  10. I do believe that is just the different states that your machine goes through.. but if it does it during fx load in a game or fx during render (somewhere when the CPU is busy all the time), then it's a different story.. Try updating your BIOS.
  11. I did update BIOS yesterday didn't change anything. I just reset BIOS to defaults, will see what happens. Also did some research that disabling Intel's technologies like Hyper-Threading or Turbo Boost Technology, amps via BIOS when overclocking, it helps with CPU throttling. But I don't do any overclocking and all those settings are set to auto at the moment and I don't even know that it does.
  12. You could try turning off the different power saving states. They are called C1, C2 ect. Also maybe turning off turbo boost.. If you are up for the task, just in general try setting your cpu to run "default" baseclock and multiplier so it has the default speed but without all that fancy stuff.
  13. I did try that, disabled via BIOS and nothing changed. There's how it looks like when loading pages i.e. on IE
  14. Is your CPU beyond it's warranty period? Sorry if this is a dumb question. It just seems like we have tried pretty much everything..

    Other things I would try:
    Reseat it (Really, that would be _WEIRD_ if that worked)
    Get another RAM block and try it out (Maybe the memory isn't letting the CPU work correctly)
    Try another PSU

    I do realise you are running out of things to check but what else to do..
  15. But don't you think all that would happen immediately after boot and not needing to wait for 1 to 3 hours to start this happening?
  16. The RAM thing might be something that occurs later..
  17. Even if it's hardware fault how I am supposed to explain all this to the store I bought the PC so they would replace i.e. RAM? It's still in warranty. And we still don't know what's making this problem.

    So anyway, I tried today to record how it happens, but for some reason it didn't record the glitching sounds much, however you can notice some bleeps and blops at 7th and 12th seconds, so of what you hear goes 3-5 times longer and louder and notice the CPU jumps while only loading one tab on IE lol. Same with any other browser, and the video is just some low quality .avi and again, PC is i3 with 8GB RAM. <removed link>

    I also switched both RAMs in their slots, also reattached GPU, did some dust cleaning, reattached all possible wires. Also reinstalled new codecs.

    I am completely running out of ideas what else to do. Format and clean reinstall Windows? Can't really afford that now.
  18. Don't you have any friends nearby that might have similar systems or atleast similar socket? At this point I would do some good ol' fashioned occlusion factoring and try to see what part reacts how in different systems.. That way you know for sure
  19. Can you send us a task list of running programs?

    Just go to the windows sphere slick in the seach programs and files box at the bottom and type CMD. When the terminal comes up type TASKLIST. Copy it and send it to us.
  20. Hey everyone, this might sound crazy, but lately I've been also having troubles with USB ports. There are four USB ports in the back and when replugging mouse and keyboard to bottom ports, the issue is gone, but if I replug back to the top row ports, the lagging and glitching happen again. Is this just a coincidence or could this be a reason?

    I always have unknown device in Device Manager which gives error: This device is disabled. (Code 22) A request for the USB device descriptor failed. USB\DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURE Etron USB 3.0

    Maybe it has something to do with all this? And believe me I tried to fix that Unknown Device and nothing. Just keeping it disabled.
  21. Do you have the newest drivers for your USB 3.0 ports ?
  22. Well, obviously.
  23. This is a seriously weird bug..
  24. Another poltergeist found: You know that sound when plugging in your flashdrive or camera and it plays that sound? so randomly out of nowhere it starts playing while not even touching the PC. I noticed it happens about when you go afk for couple minutes and then comeback and if it moves a bit, a table or a wooden floor where PC is, it plays that sound out of nowhere lol. What the hell? I was considering formatting the HDD and upgrading to 8.1, but what if it won't fix an issue, what a waste that would be for me.
  25. Well if that doesn't work then I'd say your mobo is _CURSED_ :D! Shit man you have to keep me updated on what happens.
  26. I found a video of someone who made it 3 years ago and he had exact problem: still no solution.
  27. Best answer
    Haha I think I solved it. It was Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro all along! I just closed it and shut down it's background service and glitches and lagging were all gone without restarting.

    Can't believe it was the issue. Been using it for like ages! Found out it was going through every byte and bit while browsing/loading pages and was somehow taking up all CPU to process.

    I guess this can be selected as solved!
  28. Woohoo!
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