GTX660 - Two AOC i2369VM - Best ports to use

I have a GTX660 connected to two AOC monitors i2369VM monitors. One is connected from the DVI port using an adapter to a standard VGA connector. The other uses an HDMI cable from an HDMI output to the monitor. The DVI port connected monitor is better quality as you sit them side by side.

The card supports up to 4 monitors and has 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-D and 1x DVI-I and a display port. The monitors have 2x HDMI and a VGA.

What is the best cable and port combinations to use to get the best quality when using two monitors side by side in extended desktop mode please?
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    for 2 monitors use the hdmi and a dvi to hdmi cable for the second, digital signal is superior to analog
  2. Thanks, I also disconnected and reconnected the HDMI lead and that fixed the poor quality so clearly wasn't home in the socket correctly.
  3. good to hear your up and running again
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