what gfx card will i need to run today's CoD games smoothly at 1080p?

I will be upgrading my PSU to go with the gfx card. My budget is $150.00
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    considering cod is easy to run... a gtx 750 ti would be fine if your on a 150 dollar budget for the graphics... but with that gpu you only need a minimum of 300w psu so you wouldnt need to upgrade your current one i guess?

    if you have a bit more i would suggest a gtx 760 with atleast a 450w psu
  2. +1 for fields224, good suggestions :-)
  3. GTX 780 ti
  4. Fishikaint said:
    GTX 780 ti

    If you think you're a good troll, news flash: You're not!
  5. Most CoD games are quite easy to run, and a 750Ti will handle everything from Black Ops 2 and earlier easily, but Ghosts is apparently a very bad port that doesn't run all that smoothly, even with a top of the line graphics card.
  6. go for r9 270x
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