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I've searched the forums and google, looking for solution to my problem, but I'm unable to find a solution.

When I type any search term into FireFox address bar, I'm getting result from Google.jo (Jordan), YouTube was showing as Youtube(jo). If I go to Google.com it automatically transfers me to google.jo.

It looks like my location is Jordan. The same issue exists on Laptop.

I've installed Chrome to see if it's only relating to FireFox, but chrome had the same issue.

What I did so far was:

1. Open about:config and look for any reference to google.jo but I couldn't find anything like that.
2. Run CMD.exe and use command "tracert" to few different host name to see if I'm being re-routed, but that is not the case.
3. I've check my IP and it shows as correct country (I'm in Republic of Ireland)
4. I've run Malwarebytes to look for any suspicious stuff, came back with nothing
5. I run AVG antivirus scan, nothing came back
6. I've checked my Time Zone, and it is correct.
7. Searched google for related problems, and haven't come across any solution.
8. I've sent a notification to google that I'm being re-routed to wrong country page.
9. I've checked host file, and there is not reference to google at all.

So officially I run out of ideas other than format c:/ which I'd like to avoid especially I don't have any guarantee it will actually work.

Maybe I'm missing something, something obvious and in plain sight like some sort of setting you can change on google itsellf (i've changed it from JO to IE)
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