How big of an ssd do I need, if I already have a hard drive

Hi, I am looking to uprade to an SSD, I am planning on using it along with my 1TB 7200rpm HDD, but have a few questions about it before I do this
(I mostly just game but i record things sometimes)

1. How big of an SSD should i get

2. How can I set it up so that it stores things on my HDD but uses my SSD to load things. (I've heard about RAID storage and stuff but not really sure how that will works)

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  1. 120 or 128GB is usually sufficient.

    When you're installing programs you can specify during the installation where you want it to be saved. Same thing for downloading like from a browser - just go into the options and specify where you want things to be saved.

    Though I don't really know what you mean by storing on the HDD and using the SSD to load... Programs will load from wherever they're installed...
  2. All you will need is a 120GB SSD at most, that's what I have paired with a 2TB HDD (Only because I've got 503 Steam games, lol). 120GB is enough for the OS, a lot of programs and a few big games (I've got 4 installed on it, with 30GB of space free on the SSD.

    I've got no clue about question 2. I've just got it so I have C: Drive (SSD) and D: Drive (HDD), it's very easy to get used to :)
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    I would say now that SSD are much cheaper you can go with more than 120GB easily. You may down the road go, "Man, I wish I paid that little extra for all that room I could have used."

    120GB is fine for the most, but 250Gb SSD are cheap now, and it's always good to put stuff you use a lot on your SSD.

    I would highly recommend this:

    As of now, savings deal, a 250GB Samsung EVO for only 144.99 dollars is a good great deal.

    If you want to store stuff on your hard drive it depends on what exactly you want to setup to be on your hard drive and not SSD; let us know and we will tell you how.

    RAID storage is for multiple hard drives which isn't something you need to worry about.

    You just need to install games on your hard drive, and large files.
  4. Yes a 120/128GB would be fine but if you have @ $200 to spend a larger 240/256GB is nice.
    Yes you can relegate vids/music/movies/games to the storage device.
  5. USAFRet said:

    Not to bad, a bit to general and vague though information wise.

    Wouldn't recommend using libraries. When all your data is on hard drive organize everything into primary directories and shortcut your drive to the desktop; it's quicker and easier than messing with libraries.
  6. Thanks guys! very helpful information. I mainly plan to store bigger game on my HDD and some small ones on the SSD. One more question though. If i download a game onto my SSD that has longer load times in between areas (Skyrim, The Witcher). Will it make the load times in between areas faster?
  7. Yes you will experience much faster loading times.
  8. Yeah, games will load faster, but it depends on the game as some don't really need to be on a SSD.
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