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Hey community, I've got a quick question on a recent planned upgrade to an AMD 8320 CPU from a Phenom II X4 965 Deneb. I'm worried that this new CPU may consume more power than my current one, but they are both rated at 125 watts, will this be a problem or no? To give you an idea I have a 650 watt bronze PSU (Rosewill Hive series) currently powering a ASRock 970 Extreme4 mb, one 8gig stick of DDR3 RAM, an overclocked edition 7950 video card and about 5 drives (7200 RPMs) and one SSD and fans. I've never had a PSU issue with this setup but I wanted to double check that it won't be an issue with the new CPU. Also I suppose while I'm at it I should ask what people think of this as an upgrade path? Am I wasting my money or is it a solid buy? I mainly game and want to see higher frames in BF4 and would like a little better multitasking performance.
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  1. well to be honest, for gaming, you are not going to see a performance increase, in some games you will actually see a decrease in performance. AMD's mantle patch should alleviate any cpu bottleneck in bf4, try that first. Maybe on a 64 player map the 8320 might fair a little better than the phenom 965, but i wouldnt expect much diffreence.
  2. No this upgrade will not work.
    Not compatible according to ASRock:
    Thread from our forum that supports my claim:

    In my opinion, you should either go with FX-6300 or upgrade the motherboard.
  3. Hey IDontUnderstand, I was aware of the ASRock not officially supporting this chip, however I built a system for a friend with the FX 8350 and same mobo and it's been working flawlessly for about 6 months now. I've also seen multiple people on Newegg stating that they have used this combo as well. You think problems may show up long term? And iam2thecrowe, I appreciate the advice on performance, I have a friend who has the exact same setup as me, the only difference being CPU (he has the 8350 and I have the Phenom II) he consistently gets 90+fps on Battlefield 4 whereas I get anywhere from 35-90 fps and it fluctuates wildly in that range sometimes making it almost unplayable. This is the reason I considered the upgrade, I was under the assumption that my CPU was likely bottle-necking the GPU (especially since the Phenom II is getting to be so old). I do have mine on a mild overclock of 4Ghz (I just went into the multiplier, set it to 4Ghz and it did fine under stress tests so perhaps I could do more with it).
  4. I guess it will work since many people have reported that set up being successful, I would just make sure you have the latest version of BIOS before you install FX 8320. In addition, don't attempt to overclock it with FX 8320 with that board as I'm already a little concerned about it's compatibility, plus 970 chipset isn't that great at overclocking when comparing to 990FX anyway.

    BF4 does require a good amount of CPU power, so yes it should help a lot, considering your old CPU...yea you've said it.
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