Tell me wether the geforce 9800gt is compatible with my pc or not?

I gonna buy a second hand graphic card geforce 9800gt. I dont know whether it is suitable to my computer. I'm afraid it will pose some problems after installing it. Could you guys help me decide whether to buy it. Here my specs
intel core i5 3570 @ 3.4GHz
ram 4gb
mainboard: Gigabyte socket 1155 H77M - D3H
win7 64bit
psu: acbel G500W PCB027
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  1. yes will it work
  2. the card itself is weaker then the onboard video chipset that built into the cpu. for the money look for a 7750/7770 card from amd or look for a 550ti or a 640/650 card from nvidia these card will play games and are better then the onboard intel gpu.
  3. How much are you paying for to get that GPU? Just curious since there might be better stuff out there for the budget.
  4. It is weak but yes it is compatible with your PC.
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    It will probably bottleneck your system but it should work fine. Im still using the 9800gt and im still getting ok frames on medium graphics after an overclock on quite a few games.
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