New 840 EVO SSD Install as OS primary, now old HDD primary not recognized in Bios,

I have a Win 7 64 Professional installed on my new 840 Evo SSD.
I made sure to install it with both my old primary HDD and the backup disconnected.
The Evo install is excellent, but when i reconnect my old primary, it isn't recognized by the BIOS. It just sort of hangs there and after a very long while (~40 seconds) it boots into windows.

When I run Disk Manager I can see it with a letter assigned.

Bootup is the real problem so I tried going into bios but the old primary isn't recognized, not even listed. I suspect it has to do with the new AHCI setting that is need for the SSD, but I don't know.

Anybody have ideas on dealing with this issue?

BTW: My computer is a quad core with 8gb ram, MOBO is Maximus II Formula Win 7 64bit pro
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  1. check that all the drives are using the intel sata ports and not the 3 party sata ports.
  2. Thanks. I checked and they are all on Intel ports. Btw, I have searched the forums for solutions and can't find exactly my problem.

    Previously, I swapped cables, swapped ports between the back up and the old primary, and only when I remove it does it bootup fine. Otherwise I sit in bootup forever.
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    Did you check boot order in BIOS, maybe there is a problem.
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