How to increase CPU fan speed?

Is there a program to do it? I currently use an AMD A8 3850 and hopefully overclocking it to 3.5 ghz from 2.9. My fan isn't too good as it is a stock fan. I'm hoping to buy a new cooler once I get the money :3. Is there any risks towards increasing the fan speed?
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    There is no risk in increasing the speed of a fan, it's made to withstand it's own speed. Do you know exactly what you are doing when overclocking? I would suggest you wait till you get the new cooler and then overclock. Also make sure to use Prime95 and Speedfan (Or whatever you use but speedfan let's you control fan speeds) to monitor everything if you do decide to overclock.
  2. Also, one more thing. I currently got an antec brand computer fan cooler. Will it be compatible with my motherboard A75MA G55? I'm looking forward to buy a 212 EVO cooler for my CPU ^^
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