Whcih Graphic Card Will Work Best with core i3 for after effect purpose

hello Guys i have Core i3, DH61WW Main board. 8 GB Ram , HDD 1 7200 TB WD Black.
i want a best gpu for core i3 highest performance i want for After Effect / Cinema 4D /
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    What PSU do you have?
  2. i will purchase that with Gpu my plan ( Cooler Master Extreme II 625)
  3. The 625 watt power supply will power most GPUs. Your CPU will bottle neck the high end GPUs. With that in mind, I would suggest GTX 760. It should meet your needs. To go much higher on the GPU hierarchy, would require upgrading the CPU.
  4. Still i do not have budeget i planned first i Buy high end GPU & Good PSU , after that i will increase my ram to 16 then buy latest board and prossor core i7 so what do you suggest me what GPU / PSU should meet my need ,
  5. What is your budget for new PSU & CPU? For a more higher end build, I would recommend a quality 750 watt PSU and A GTX 770 or GTX 780.
  6. Sorry for late reply i was busy, i have budget for PSU Maximum $120 USD and for gpu maximum $500 USD , i want good performance in after effect , cinema 4D ,... if i get GTX 760 / GTX 770 4/2 GB then i will get good performance ? i have core i3 mosty of peoples use core i5 / core i7 with ssd
  7. The I3 will bottleneck you. But you will still see good game play. And later the GPU will easily transfer to a new system, or you can upgrade the CPU later too.
  8. Thank You ! one last question if i upgrade to GTX 770 With Power Supply Corsair GS 800 / CORSAIR RM Series RM750 Watt , after 5 month i will upgrade my ram + highend board prosssor core i7 , enough for me psu ? what brand of Graphic card is best ?
  9. Yes 750-800 watts is more than adequate for one GTX770. I would recommend EVGA, Asus, and (Gigabyte/MSI) in that order for the brand of GTX770. I would recommend the EVGA GTX 770 SC.
  10. PSU Brand ? and what is benefit of modular Psu ?
  11. I would recommend Seasonic, XFX, Corsair in that order. The modular PSU are worth the extra money. They allow you to install only the cables you need. It cleans up the installation. And for someone building for the first time, it dramatically reduces the confusion. You don't have to search trough a mess of cables to find the one you need.
  12. Don't go with Corsair RM series if you're investing that kind of money.
    Go with Corsair AX,HX or TX or Seasonic PSU's.
    The RM series are the low-in-the-high ones, if you get my meaning. They haven't got the best components inside.
  13. Thank You and one thing about Old card v.s latest card mean GTX 590 / GTX 580 Some body says same performance GTX 680.
  14. It is like comparing a 2012 version of a particular car with the 2011 car.

    (GTX 480 > GTX580 > GTX680 > GTX 780)
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