I need to buy a new laptop. Is MSI a good brand?

I need to buy a new laptop. Is MSI a good brand?
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  1. They are pretty famous in the gaming laptop field, next to ASUS and Razer.
  2. It's not a bad brand by any means. Just do your research on the model you are interested in. Check out reviews of other owners of that model, look to see if there are any inherent problems i.e. Dell D620 Video issue. If you do your research, you can find a model that will suit your needs without running into any problems.
  3. Thevin Vinu said:
    I need to buy a new laptop. Is MSI a good brand?

    Well you have to look at how much you want to spend. Typically every 500 laptop will be made with 500 components. How when you go above 1000 the components differ at a far greater amount among brands and models. My advise is determine how much you want to spend and research the laptops in that range.
  4. Honestly, I`m not familiar with this brand. As for me the best brand is HP. Their computers are highly qualitative and there is a ratio of quality and price. And there is no bugs during programming, simply working or just designing. For example, I visited a website, Logaster, why I talking exactly about it, because all my previous PCs or laptops couldn`t handle it, because of huge amounts of specific images. But this issues didn`t touch HP!I`m really happy. My advice is HP, with no doubt :)
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    A little tidbit. HP, Dell, Toshiba and the other name brands(OEM'S) basically design the laptops then they are manufacturer in the in Taiwan and/or China by the ODM'S. MSI and ASUS are that manufacturer under their own names and have other ODM's manufacturer. MSI and ASUS also make components such as motherboards. So you HP may have ASUS or MSI components in it. The components that are in Hp's are in other brands. Example there are basically 3 companies that do graphics cards AMD (ATI) and Nvidia. Intel has a graphics processor integrated with the i series processors. Currently laptops will have either AMD or Intel processors. Iimagine every component that plugs into your HP laptop is also used in another brand's laptop especially since all $ 500 laptops will have quality components.
  6. MSI specializes in gaming machines just like Alienware and Sager to name a couple of others.
  7. orlbuckeye said:
    MSI specializes in gaming machines just like Alienware and Sager to name a couple of others.

    Yes, but we are all well aware of how alienware is, and its relation to dell. (sorry im responding to an old thread, interested in the ge70 pro-061. Never really thought an i7 was all that necessary, and it has a good clock speed with its i5, possibly being even better under certain conditions. But what i really like about it is the graphics card. I know that compared to desktops it couldnt run mylefttoenail.exe but for a laptop i thought it was good (gtx 860m btw)
  8. I bought an Alienware 2 months ago.
  9. I would say no. I own an MSI GT70 2oc-065US and it is probably the worst decision I made.

    It freezes randomly, has a whole ton of performance issues and worst of all I had to disable things that came pre-installed JUST TO USE IT.

    Also, the ammount of bloatware that comes on these systems is HORRIBLE.

    Just my opinion though.
  10. Answering your question about Alienware and their relationship with Dell is basically they are separate and made the same way as they were before Dell.
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