i need a review on a computer build

I'm fairly new to computer building, i built my first a few month's ago it was a apu gaming pc for my friend,
it would be nice to see where i'm going wrong if i have any help would be nice :D

CIT Vantage Gaming Case Black/Red 4 Fans

Asus M5A99 FX Pro R2.0 (Skt AM3+) DDR3

AMD FX 8350 X8 (Skt AM3+)

Team Vulcan16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1866MHz/PC3 14900

Ace 750W Black PSU 12cm Red Fan PFC


or Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Jetstream Graphics Card 4GB GDDR5
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    Looks good apart from the PSU, you can't cheap out on the PSU as these cheap ones can explode. Wattage is more than enough but get something that's at least 80+ bronze.
  2. Yes thank you i was thinking about that and i got the psu with the case for £50 i will look at an up grade soo im in middle of building anyways but thanks for the help
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