What power supply do I need?

Hello, I have a question about what power supply I need for my new build.
I am building a new personal gaming system, and I am wondering what you would recommend.

The build:

Case: Bitfenix Prodigy mItx Green.
CPU: i5-4670k
CPU cooling: Cooler Master Hyper tx3 evo
Motherboard: MSI Z87I Gaming mItx
Graphics card: Asus GTX 760
Ram: 8GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz
Storage: 1 SSD; 2 7200rpm hard drives.
Fans 4 case fans, 2 CPU fans.

My question: How many watt's do I need for my build without overclocking?

I tried to calculate it myself, but i'm not very good at that, and I don't really trust the sites that calculate it for me.

Thanks alot!

Leon Muizer.
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  1. 600w is what u need without ocing but get a 650w psu from xfx seasonic etc
  2. 500W+, and get a decent one from the second link in my sig.
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  4. you can run a i7 4770k and a gtx 780 on a 500w Psu... I've done it myself and seen test results.

    so for your system I would recommend atleast a 450w which would give you a little headroom as you don't want to be using 100% of your psus capability all the time your under load.

    with this in mind depending on budget anywhere from 450w-600w for a single gpu system including overclocks.
  5. brarboy said:

    Thanks for all the answers!
    I'm going for the Corsair Gaming 600w

    Thanks alot!
    Leon Muizer.
  6. glad we could help :)
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