Looking for graphics card for black ops 2

Hi everyone,

im wanting a new graphics card which will run black ops 2 with no lag, at the moment i have a Radeon HD 5450 but this only runs black ops 2 on Low Low Settings , im wanting higher.

and when im looking for a graphics card what exactly am i looking for ?

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  1. Something like a GTX 750 ti or a GTX 760, A R7 265 or a R9 270/270x to play the game at high/highest settings.

    It however not only depends on your GPU. CPU and RAM plays a big role too, if it doesn't meet the requirements of the game. Therefore it would be more suitable if you could provide your specs, so we can determine what would be the best solution.
    MEMORY - Crucial 8GB kit
    CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3 6MB L3 Cache Cache 125W
    PSU - Q-tech 650w

    dont want to be spending too much
  3. Depends on your budget my 7730 gddr5 gpu with my e7600 3ghz Core2Duo cpu 2gb ram can play this game @ the highest settings 30+ fps,so if your in a tight budget getting a 7750 is the best option.

    What your CPU,PSU and RAM BTW,so we can give you more options
  4. well you have a decent rig,just need a gpu upgrade,whats your budget?
  5. i would go up to £60 max , i only play black ops 2 mostly, but atm the card is ok and runs black ops 2 at low settings , but just want something better, i had a nvidia geforce gts 250 it is an old card but it was amazing and ran black ops 2 at high settings
  6. With that budget you can only get a 6670 max,but I would suggest that you save a little more money maybe a 100 euro or more,So you wouldn't need to upgrade to another video card and wouldnt be wasting money.

    Well if you can't wait a 6670 will able to run it at maybe med-high settings depends on the resolution.
  7. Your rig is more than suitable to make some respectable upgrades.

    A little over budget, but a great card for the price and will give a significant performance boost:


    Going below this will prove significantly lower performance for the price, meaning the value will drop and you will get less for your money. Also, the upgrade won't prove much of a difference if you don't aim for something like the 7750.

    I would not hesistate to get that GPU for myself at your budget, it's quite a great entry GPU, that will allow you to play most games at respectable framerate with a little bit of eyecandy.
  8. Well if you can stretch your budget a little you can get a 7770 which is one of the best bang for the buck gfx right now,you will have no problems running current and maybe future games @ med-high settings(depends on the resolution) http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dcomputers&field-keywords=7770
  9. Link?
  10. Thank you :)
  11. Thank You Sora But A Bit Pricey :\
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