Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) problems

Yeah I know, it's really old piece of hardware :). Around 4 years now. I think that the card is causing those "game-lags" and random deadpixels and other gfx issues.

So just to be sure, came here to ask...that is a graphic card problem, right?

Any recommendations for a decent replacement? As for other components, I'm running this whole thing on Intel i7 920 @ 2.67 (non-overclocked) and the motherboard is EX58-UD3R.

Thank you in advance. Cheers
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  1. I imagine you have already tried reinstalling (correctly) the drivers and/or formatting the entire machine?

    When it comes to replacing, it really is up to your budget but I would prolly recommend a R9 270... Anything higher and you might not see the full potential due to you CPU.. You could also play around with some OC'ing - Who knows, you could have a golden chip..?
  2. Thank you! :)

    Yes I tried all of that what you said above :) What do you mean due to my CPU? It's not like it's bad, eh?
  3. Well I'm just saying that your CPU is actually quite decent when you look at it. But getting a very big and powerful GPU like a 780 or 290, you might start to see your CPU not letting the GPU "work its magic" as well.

    But other than your problems, do you feel like your PC could do with an upgrade perhaps ? It is an old card..
  4. Yeah...I was thinking about getting XFX AMD RADEON R9 270, you think my CPU won't handle it as good as it can go?
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    The replacement is really down to your budget and screen resolution-I'm running a i5 750-basically your i7 minus the Hyperthreading and tri channel memory and it's easily capable of driving a HD7950 so if you're using a 1080 display you could go for something as powerful a the R9 280 or GTX770 and suffer little or no loss of performance.
    That said, a R9 270 is a nice card, not TOO expensive and a good upgrade to boot.
    Perso9nally, I think a GTX760 would be the best possible option, it's fast, tends to run cool and can run even AAA titles at maximum settings smoothly.
    Overclocking is a very good way to give the system a boost BTW, even a modest 3.4GHz speed will make things a fair bit faster and a mid priced cooler will do the job very nicely (I'm at 3.4GHz on a Hyper 212, and 4.0GHz is possible but I'm too lazy to try ;) ).
  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :) I think I'll go with 270 since it's much cheaper, and yet pretty good. I'll let you guys know the experiences later on.

  7. Hey guys, just to let you know, I still didn't get what the problem actually is. I found another topic here -> So I have same problems as this guy, and as I can see, there was no solution for his problem, so I'm still confused and don't know is the problem really in GPU
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