Campus internet slow -- Does switch improve performance?

Hello. I am currently living on a college campus and the internet in my residence hall is very bad when everyone is on it. I've been looking around at switches and I guess I don't quite understand exactly what the point of getting one is (besides many ports). I only have one port in my room and my roommate would like to use it so I might get one just for the splitter anyways, but I wanted to know if having an Ethernet cable run to the switch from the wall and then using our devices connected to the switch would improve the actual performance of the internet or if I'm screwed!! Thanks!
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    The answer to your question can depend. If you are currently using Wireless the You would most likely see an increase in performance if you started using a wired connection. This can depend on the wired connection your school has as well. However if you are using a wired connection currently you will not see an increase in speed.
    As for what the point of a switch is. A switch is meant to just provide you with more ports.
  2. You have to remember that main connection to the internet Such as a T1 or T3 line.
    That it is no doubt on a campus.
    Still has the problem that at any given time The over all connection speed is governed by the amount of people using it.

    To ensure everyone at least gets a connection even at a slow speed.
    The hardware side of it that dishes out the connections, may have what we call traffic management in force.

    Where a set speed is allocated for each connection, worked out by how many connections there are and the overall speed of the internet connection.
    That being what is used, most common is a T1 or T3 line.

    Sadly it`s a trade off, to ensure at least everyone gets a connection to the internet, even if quiet slow.

    If that is the case at the router/ switch or server end. Not much can be done.

    Unless you bribe the admin to open up the speed on a set static ip address for you.

    Hunt him, or her down with a big box of dough nuts. ;)
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