Windows installation issues with this RAID 1+0

HP ProLiant DL320 G6
HP B110i SATA RAID Controller

I've had the issue lately whereas when I boot up the Windows installation none of the hard drives appear on the list "available disks". Only option I get in the installer is "load drivers" which doesn't tell me much other than "this machine needs drivers and you need to install this without os"-

I've been looking on HPs websites and they are absolutely useless in terms of navigating and finding the drivers I need for this, all I've found is a couple of .exe files and they don't do it.

Any ideas as to how I should proceed?
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  1. Is the OS on the RAID 0+1 or a different disk?
    Have you ever used the 0+1 or is it new?
  2. The server currently has no OS installed, the Windows Server 2012 copy is on a bootable and properly formatted USB.

    We figured we'd do a fresh install since the machine previously had Server 2008 with some strange partitioning and thus this problem occured upon installation.

    I've been working at this place for a couple of months 1-day a week and I have this tasked assigned on me.
    My colleague insists it has something to do with a driver (which is likely, and the controller most likely needs an update) but I am not sure where to look for it. Also, RAID is new to me and I'm still learning IT.

    The RAID setup is working, just simply not displaying during the Windows installation.

    Does this help in any way?

    And i'm pretty sure it's a 1+0 and not 0+1 if it makes a difference.
  3. Ahh, yes. Okay, I know how this works for consumer OS installation, but I don't know if it's the same for server installations. While starting the installation, you press (was it F6) to install boot-start drivers. You will need a non-standard one for your RAID. I've done this twice for Windows 7; I realize that it's not the same.

    Here's Microsoft on the process in general:
    The trick is locating the specific driver that is needed for that controller on that system for Server 2012.

    I don't know if this will help: . Perhaps you could contact HP tech support? Or start here:
  4. Thanks for helping me on this topic,
    Quickly reading the controller manual I found something which looks promising.
    HP Intelligent Provisioning (IP), which appears to replace the old "smartstart" method.

    I'm giving this a shot. If it doesn't work, I know I'm close to a solution atleast.

    Many Thanks!
  5. Found a solution to this now.

    Went to HPs website and downloaded a driver. Extracted it to a folder which I then put on a USB. I loaded this as I was doing the Windows installation and problem is now solved. Everything showed and the machine is ready for configuration.
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