What is the use of host file in Windows 7

What does host file actually do, does it allows to block a particular server.
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  1. It works pretty much the same as the host file on any OS. It is used to translate names to ip much like DNS. You can of course put in bogus IP addresses to block servers if that is your intent.
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    Most commonly used to block IP address of know spam/advert servers or if your a naughty person, game/app licence check servers and if that latter is your intention, use Google as we can't help you circumvent application security !
  3. it works similar to dns, it can be used to block a web address if you point it to a non standard loopback address sometimes, like
    it many of the newer os's you need to copy the host file to the desktop with file extensions enabled, delete the version in c:\windows\system32\drivers\hots\etc and then copy it back, it will try to give it a .txt file extension and you need to make sure it does not, if it does remove it.
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