Looking for some help with gamer setup

I need a new PC and will pay 9000-12000

To be used for gaming
had thought of these components

Graphics Card: GTX 780
CPU: i7 4770k
RAM: 16Gb
SSD: 120GB
CPU cooler: Maybe HYDRO SERIES H110

please give me a good answer or another setup thank you.
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    Motherboard: Asus Z87-A

    It's SLI-capable for future expansion and has up to 7.1 analog as well as digital sound outputs. Also has all the SATA connections most of us every need on a gaming machine. Great features for the money and made by, in my opinion and based on my experience, best motherboard manufacturer out there.

    PSU I would go for is a Seasonic 860 Platinum or an XFX 850W so your ready for SLI or crossfire moving forward:
  2. For your power supply, you will want to add up any wattage's from all components in the computer, what ever the total is try and get a PSU 20-30% higher
  3. If you want to sli in future get this PSU-
    If you dont want to SLI,
    Both of these are good and not too costly PSU's. Choose according to your needs.

    Asus z-87A is a great motherboard and it tops the list of my recommendations. Here-
  4. If you plan to SLI, the 4770k scales better with 2+ GPUs.
    If you do NOT plan to SLI, the i5 4670k is a better gaming value for single GPU setups.


    The Cooler Master Hydro 110 needs to be mounted where you have an opening for 2 x 140mm fans. The Cosmos 2 has a suitable top mount for this cooler, but keep this in mind if you decide to look at other cases.
  5. Advantages and disadvantage of taking i7 4770k instead of i5 4670k

    and in future I would like 3-6 ssd or hdd. Is asus Z87-A still the best then?

    I think only choose one GTX 780
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