Does toshia c640 lap top have built in sound card or a graphic card

RAM IS 2GB/CORE I 3/I want an immidiate answer . i like gaming so better be quick
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    yes and yes, but I wouldn't expect much if anything at all with gaming
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  3. Also, next time please list your model number...

    •Processor number 2330M
    •Processor speed 2.2GHz

    •Wireless LAN 802.11n
    •Ethernet 10/100/1000

    •Graphics hardware Nvidia GeForce 315M
    •Amt of video RAM 512MB
    •Screen resolution (max) 1366 x 768
    •Diagonal screen size 14 inch
  4. All laptops have some form of integrated graphics / discrete graphics otherwise the laptop would not be able to display anything on the screen. Additionally, integrated audio is standard on every laptop.

    That laptop has a 1st generation Intel Core i3 CPU which is not too bad. However it relies on a graphics core in the HM55 Express chipset which is not considered powerful at all, even when it was new. It has the very first "Intel HD" graphics core generation.

    It wasn't until Intel released the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge mobile Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs which came with the HD 3000 graphics that people started to consider the Intel graphics core to be even a little bit capable of playing games.
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