GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 will it fit my motherboard?

Hello everybody, this is my first post, I will try my best.
Now to the point, as you can see from the title I want to know, if this video card will fit my motherboard. Here is the link to my motherboard: . And here is one to the video card I want: . I am not sure what wattage psu do I need but I would guess that a 500w one is enough. Also I am worried about the size of this video card, I don't know if it's bigger than my current one:
I would appreciate if someone could answer me.
Thank you kindly. :)
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  1. It will work on your motherboard but will it fit in your case is what you need to know
  2. Glad to know, and about the wattage, currently I have 400W psu would it still be enough? I am planning to buy a 500W one if this wouldn't be enough.
  3. The GTX780 is a very strong card that needs a decent 575w psu as a rule.
    The card needs 42a on the +12v rails.
    It takes an exceptionally good 500w psu to be able to deliver 42a.
    I think you need a stronger psu.
    Exactly which one do you have?

    The card will fit the motherboard just fine. The card you picked is unusually long, 11.3". The stock GTX780 will be 10.5". Measure the space in your case for length.
  4. It's a shame, but it won't fit... Then again, there are a lot more I can choose from. I was thinking about an Nvidia GTX 750 TI with 2gb GDDR5. I am using my PC for gaming generally. I am playing newest games at High-Very High settings and it works quite well, although the frame rate is at 20-25 fps. What I want is a decent upgrade from my current video card (I suppose you have already seen which one I have).
    Any advices/recommendations?
    P.S I am using a Full-HD 1920x1080 monitor
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    A GTX780, even a stock one is a HUGE jump over your GTS250.
    If the price is not an issue, you could buy a stock GTX780 which will be 10.5" long and a 650w psu.

    More realistically, a GTX750ti should run on your current 400w psu.
    It is about the strongest card that your psu will support.
    It will be a significant jump over your current card.

    Past that, I might think that a GTX760 0r GTX770 and a 600w psu would be about as good as you need to go with a single 1080P monitor.
  6. Thank you for helping me out. :) I think that I will go with the GTX 750ti.
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