Connect laptop with HDMI port to a projector with VGA

Hello!I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 3521, running Windows 8.1, and a projector Acer X110 DLP. The laptop has an HDMI port, but the projector has only a VGA. I bought a cable with golden edges, but I'm still not able to connect them. I'm sure that everything is working, both ports + I changed the cable, because I thought he was fake. So is there anything else that I need to do, or am I not doing the things right? I'm pretty sure that if somebody can help me, it's you, so I'm thankful in advance for your assistance!
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  1. hey,

    everything sounds fine to me, have you tried switching your video output in screen resolutions?


    (here is a linkt to find screen resolutions in windows 8)
  2. Your projector has a native resolution of 800 x 600 so you need to change your screen resolution to that. It will accept higher resolution input but will downscale to this. If you can set the projector as your second screen you should be able to set that resolution just for the projector.
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