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I am installing my cx600 psu and theres a wire it says cpu on it and i cant seem where to put it on my asus m5a78l-M/usb3 motherboard please help me :(
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  1. it should near the cpu socket it is light blue and to the upper right hand side of the socket. it is a 4 pin connection your psu might have a 8 pin psu cable that divides into a 4 pin
  2. Still struggling :( is it possible to show me a picture of my motherboard cpu wire location

    this isnt your mobo but look where it says 8 pin power connector this is where yours will be but it is light blue and a little closer to the cpu socket
  4. Thanks mate found it!

    Also whats the best budget £100-150 graphic cardfor my build
    Fx 8350
    8gb corsair blue ram
    1tb hard drive
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    in that price range i would definately go with this, best bang for your buck
    a 270x is a rebranded 7870 with a performance tweak and performs better than a gtx 660
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