im looking for a new pc gaming mouse and keyboard, everything, no budget!!

i have been looking at the razer deathadder, razer mamba, razer naga hex, and the razer taipan.
im most into razer gear :) i play alot of league of legends, and some minecraft and 1st person shoters! i play almost everything... but i perfer playing league of legends, untill ow i have been stukk with my roccat lua, and its a pain when im playing! i can lift the mouse almost 3 cm. from the tabel before it stops "tracking", and then i got a ugly looking HP office keyboard from 2002 :(

would really be nice if you guys in here could help me, and as i said, no budget! keyboard and and mice, (gaming)
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  1. THey are great peripherals. I personally like the Deathstalker for a keyboard,
    The deathadder for a mouse
    The sabertooth for a controller.
  2. Death adder black widow ultimate 2014
  3. i have changed me mind a bit, and i have bought the roccat isku fx, after trying it, and its perfect for me, so now i just need to buy a new mouse... and i have been trying razer mamba, and its not worth for me to buy it... so, the price limit is 160 Euros. so i would like to hear what you people think i should buy :) all mice are are set in the "enable" list, witch means im open for everything :) would like to hear what you guys hame at home too :)
  4. Craziest mice ever. Just about everything is adjustable. Weight, thumb and pinkie rests, DPI, Speed, etc. Sorry for it being in USD. but everything is under ~165 euros, just avoid everything over 222 USD

    These are limited to about 80 Euros (Not what I intended but that's how it played out) and all are 4 stars and above.
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    Ok, these are the 2 mouses (yes, that is the correct way of saying 2 mice when you are talking about computer mouses) that are at the top of my list :3
    The Mad Catz R.A.T. 9-
    $150 (about 108 euros)
    It is truly amazing. You can adjust the weight, swap the palm and pinkie rests, adjust the length, and preset some DPI settings. It's got 6 programmable buttons. It is the craziest mouse I've ever seen! :3

    My second choice is the Razer Ouroboros :P
    It is also $150 (about 108 euros), but has some cool unique features.
    Also adjustable in length and pinkie rests, this mouse wields a lit up battery in the direct middle that shows your current battery life, as well as 6 amazingly placed programmable buttons and your 3 standard buttons. The scroll wheel is also lit, and this thing looks absolutely amazing. It also has 8200 dpi, while the rat 9 has 6400. Both are wireless, but the rat 9 comes with a pretty awesome charging dock that will save you batteries. The rat 9 comes with 2 of their special lithium-ion batteries, and needs only one to operate. The Ouroboros needs only 1 AA battery, but I don't think it comes with any.

    I think I prefer the Ouroboros, but it's all up to you! :3
    Consider taking a look at these :P
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