Nvidia 580 PSU help

I was looking at giving my brother my old palit 580, but he only has a 600watt power supply, would it run battlefield 4 and crysis 3 without problems?
The PSU in question:
Corsair GS600
It has the minimum wattage, which is 600watt but also has 48amp on the 12v rail which is more than its minimum requirements.
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  1. it'd be fine, i'm running a 580 for BF4, med to high.
  2. It should be fine, I wouldn't do any major OC'ing on the system but otherwise should have no issues and should run those games well.
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    You shouldn't have any problems running a 580 on a 600w power supply - that Corsair has enough headroom for pretty much any single-GPU setup. He'll be able to run both of those smoothly at excellent graphics levels.

    Enjoy your systems!
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