Installed my new GPU and my graphics won't turn on. What do i do?

So i just installed my new Geforce GTX 660 Superclocked edition and i put in a new PSU cx corsair 500 so i know the wattage is enough. But the problem is everything is connected, the PCI-E connector and everything but nothing comes up. I can hear the sounds of the fans running i even ran my computer with the cover open and even the GPU fan moved so it's definitely on.
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  1. if you had a radeon card in before and didnt uninstall the drivers, that may occur. i have also ran into that problem before and just had to reset the bios to defaults by taking out the battery.
  2. No it's a nvidia GeForce gtx 660 card
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    try to reset bios by taking out battery for a few mins, and make sure you didnt accidentally knock any connections loose while installing new card.
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