Some people expect their computers to be better than what they really are. Why?

I'm not trying to sound like an asshole or offend anyone. So sorry if I do.

But why do some people expect they can run new games on laptops that are like 3 years old. For example on steam, I saw many people saying that they purchased Dayz standalone. But they were complaining how they could get like 10 fps. Then they listed their specs and I saw they had like integrated graphics cards that were outdated and 1.5 ghz dual core processors. And here I am thinking. Of course it doesn't work. Why would they waste 30 dollars on a game. This isn't just one person. This was many. Do they just hope that their PC is an exception to the rules? Are they just ignorant and don't know about computers and system requirements? Please someone say. I hate to see people wasting their money.
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    Most people are completely ignorant as to what hardware they have in their PCs and what its capabilities are. Most think that just cause they own a PC, even if its an entry level $300 PC, it should play everything out there. Its their own fault for being so ignorant of what they own. There is a reason why $800 video cards exist afterall.
  2. Some of it's ignorance, some of it's stupidity, some of it's hopefulness. There's as many reasons as people. :-)
  3. Most people don't really know/care about their computer hardware, and the requirements to run a certain game.
    I know people who go by the rule, the more money the better it is.

    This may be true, but in value to performance certainly not.
    My friend got his computer built for $2400 and it has a 6950 and an i5 4670.
    Talk about overpaying.
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