SLI with two different Geforce GTX 770's. Pro's and Con's.

Hey guys

So I have this card MSI Geforce GTX 770 2gb OC/TF

and I can get this EVGA card for cheap.

What are the Pro's and Con's of SLI with the same graphics cards but from different companies?
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    When you SLI two different cards, the weaker one will set the pace. For instance, the EVGA has a core clock of 1111mhz. The MSI has a core clock of 1137. Therefore, when you SLI them, your current MSI card will underclock itself to match the slower EVGA 1111mhz. A way around this may be to overclock the EVGA card, but if it cant maintain a stable core at that speed, you will end up crashing. However, having two 770's in SLI would surpass the performance loss from the underclock.
  2. There aren't any.
  3. I guess the only downside is having two different looking cards haha
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