Trouble installing switch off of one ethernet line.

As the subject line reads having issues connecting any switch or AP off of a newly ran line. Can connect the line to a single computer or Xbox and have a constant connection with internet showing a connection from anywhere from 10Mbps to 1 Gig depending on configuration and according to speed test maxing out connection provided by the provider. However the minute I try to add a switch or ap to the line can only connect to the lan with an ip of 169 no matter what I do. Tried release, renew, shutting down all Ethernet devices for 5+mins. Turning off IPv6 etc. etc.

Layout is a 3 story townhome hardwired with one Ethernet cable ran per level. It's a rental and we had our bathroom ripped apart so I quickly ran cables to the main and upper level planning on adding a switch and ap as needed. Bathroom is now completed so can't re-run any additional lines or try to re-run existing lines.

In the basement is the Cisco DPC3008 modem connected to a Trendnet AC1750 v2 DHCP enabled with access to 98 available ip's. Connected to main computer.

Main level an old D-link 605l as an access point only reason it sits here is because it wouldn't connect on the third level. Hardwired to set top box and wirelessly 2 laptops, tablet, cells and ipod.

Third level the issue, approx. a 100-125 ft. run of Cat5e again can connect to either a computer or Xbox an maintain a internet connection, try to connect a D-link 1005G switch and the IP won't assign wants to maintain a 169. Trying to connect 2 desktops and 2 XBoxes. Tried the D-link 605l and same issue even though both the switch and AP will work on any other level except the 3rd.

Praying somebody can help me out here. Thanks in advance.
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  1. What is the "AP"? Is this a WAP (Wireless Access Point)? If so is it strictly an Access Point or does it have a router in it?

    As for your issue it sounds like a crossover issue. What port is that wire connected into on your router. Is it labeled or colored differently from the other ports.
  2. Hi Jim, no it's strictly an AP no WAP or Router features, even tried disconnecting it to see if that made a difference to no avail. As for the port it's in Port #3 on the router simple Lan port.
  3. Sorry I stand corrected it is WAP, I was thinking of something else.
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    Distance should not matter since you are well under the 100m limit.

    If you take the switch and use a short cable and plug the switch directly into the same port on the main router your third floor is on. You can then plug stuff into the switch and it works ?

    This eliminates everything except the wire to the third floor. The most common failure is cables are not properly punched into the jacks. Some devices are more tolerant of poor cabling. Also a 100m device may work and gig may fail because it may work enough that the gig connection can detect that it has 4 pair but they may not work. 100m only need 2 pair so it may work. The one that causes the most issues is when you have 3 pair working but not the 4th. It tends to confuse the devices.

    I would cut off and re punch down the jacks on both ends or if you have rj45 plugs I would cut and replace them making sure all the wires are in the proper order. Be nice to have the commercial testers but few people have access to those. If the wire is cut or damaged in the wall you may be best off trying to wire only pins 1,2,3,6 and leave the other disconnected.

    It is likely just a wire that is barely making contact at one end or the other and re terminating them corrects things like this most the time
  5. Riggings said:
    Sorry I stand corrected it is WAP, I was thinking of something else.

    No problem they are often referred to APs as well I just wanted to verify that it was a Wireless one just to see if it might be a router with DHCP on it. So what about the port the wire is connected to is it labeled differently or a different color? Also read the printing on your wire and make sure the words "crossover" do not appear?
  6. Thank you Bill, I was questioning my crimper and the wife said no to buying a new one lol! Looked up crimping without tool came across someone that used a knife to push down the tabs. I used a small screwdriver on each contact after crimping just to give the extra push and now everything connects with no issues.
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