windows 8.1 desktop search, files found but always "unavailable"

I installed an SSD in my computer and set it as C: , moved everything to it, and it works great. I set up my HD as D: and formatted it clean, then I went ahead and redirected Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, SkyDrive, and Videos folders to D: using the "Location" tab in the "Properties" dialog per this guide:

Everything works great, except for one issue.
Desktop search (windows 8.1), using the search box in the upper right of any window, will return results, but the results have a path linking to C:, not D: ! So when I try to access the files in the search, I always get that the files are unavailable! If I path directly to the files, they open fine; it's just using the search to get to the files where there is a problem. Is there a quick fix for this?

Thanks. :??:
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  1. Interesting (that's my tutorial, BTW)

    "search box in the upper right of any window"
    What do you mean by this? What search box? What window?
  2. Are you referring to the search available from the sidebar or the one on the Start screen? Do you run into the same problem regardless of which one you use?
  3. Best answer
    Got my answer... Posting here so others may find it. In "Indexing Options", after clicking on the "Modify" button, I noted that all of the folders that I had redirected were checked and listed as "(Currently unavailable)". I unchecked them and closed "Indexing Options" and everything magically started working.
    Thanks to everyone who chimed in!
  4. Glad you found a solution and thank you for posting it here.
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