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i have a rca hdtv rear projection TV model D52W15. i want to hook it up to my new xbox one and was told i need a dvi to hdmi cable . I bought one and best buy said I needed a dvi-d cable. I plugged it in and get picture but no audio. Is there a setting I can change to get sound or did they sell me the wrong cable.
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  1. dvi only supports video
  2. It should be HDMI to DVI as XBOX One is the output (HDMI) to TV input (DVI) (I would think that this is cheaper than the usually over priced BestBuy)
    If it is, I would just return the BestBuy one and try this one from Amazon instead. Not saying that it is the problem, but you should replace the cable for a cheaper one either way.

    Update: OH, you meant Yeah just like what HillBillyAsian said.
  3. Thanks for your assistance with where to by the cables. I will definitely check it out. The issue I'm having is I have picture but no sound... what setting do I have to change to make this work or do I have to try a different hdmi cable converter maybe using Rca cables or something like that. Would that work better
  4. just bring that cable back and trade it in for a hdmi to component cable. there is no setting that can change this, dvi does not carry sound.
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    Converter box from HDMI to component:
    Component cable:

    Make sure you read the reviews of the converter box as many of them bought it for console to older TV.
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