want to install hyper v and run multiple machines

Im looking for a cpu, that fits my needs well and i need to know if i should get the i3 or amd??
I am confused between processors, i want to install hyper-v on windows 8.1 and run 2-3 virtual machines. I3 is heavy on my pocket, and cant figure out the same processor in amd supporting Virtualisation and multitasking.
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  1. I have a wimpy Lenovo system with an AMD E-450 APU... I have VMware on it and it is rather anemic. I can run 2 VM's of Linux or 1 of Server 2012. The Linux VM's are OK with the dual core but the Windows Server eats it alive.

    As we speak I am attempting to load Centos on my Laptops i5 with Hyper-V and having install issues. At least this is a quad core and should do better, just not as much space because of the SSD.
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    An MAD A8-xxxx should be a good platform. Allot 2 cores per VM and run 2 at a time. Remember to get at leat 16GB of RAM
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