Gtx 780 ti & new cpu, OR Gtx Titan Black ?

Hey everyone, I'm at a bit of a dilemma here as to what I should choose between these two options:

1) I can get a gtx 780 ti, along with a new processor and mobo, which would bump me up from a 3570k and asrock z77 mobo to a 4770k and a new z87 mobo (not sure which one yet)

2) I could get the new gtx titan black and keep the rest of my specs the same.

I had a gtx 690 previously but I often got frustrated with games that didn't support sli or scaled poorly between the two halves of the card, and I got very low fps on bf4 for some reason, not sure if it was the card or maybe a cpu bottleneck, but games like battlefield 4 have started to scare me towards an i7. I want to know from your guys perspective which you think is the best overall choice for me, the one that's going to get me the best fps across all games. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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  1. 780Ti would be the better bet. The Titan Black is more for developers then gamers.

    As for the frame rate issues I believe its just SLI in BF4 right now.
  2. Your CPU is fine, go get the Titan! =)
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    I dont think titan is a wise investment for gamers. Even I think there is no need to upgrade your CPU as it is fairly strong. Just get the 780ti.
    If you still have the 690, I dont recommend an update at all. That is the fastest graphics card available out there and scaling problem is with a very few titles.
  4. A 780ti and 300 bucks in your pocket is much better than a titan black, which has little to offer games over a 780ti - its extra cost is for FP64 performance
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