Cannot locate my 1 TB Western digital Harddrive on my newly built pc

I just built my gaming pc and i hooked everything up according to the instruction and for some reason i cannot find my WD harddrive. The only thing that shows under my computer is the SSD. I have not change the cables to see if that helps but I was seeing if I could get some ideas tongiht so I can try tomorrow.
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  1. I had this problem, you need to format it into NTFS. Can't remember how I did it but you need to use thew CMD. Googling now to see if I can help.

    Try that, can't remember exactly but mine came in a format that my window 7 couldn't see :(
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    Try this:
    Click on Start
    Click on Run
    Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter (this will take you to disk management)
    Look for the 1TB WD drive and see if it is unallocated.
    If it is then you can right click on the drive and then click on "New Simple Volume..." and follow the prompts to create a partition and format the drive.
  4. Thanks man, worked perfect
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