Is It Possible To Open Up NAS And Connect Sata to My Desktop For Faster Transfer?

Transferring close to 1Tb worth of Data from a desktop HDD to coworkers Seagate Central STCG3000200 NAS and it's taking forever. The first 70 Gb's took almost 4 hrs. At that rate, I'm looking at leaving my PC on for 56 hrs. Connecting a portable USB3.0 drive to the USB port was ever slower.

So the question is, if I opened up the NAS, would I be able to connect the drive to a sata port to speed things up?

Will the NAS folders be visible?
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  1. The NAS most likely has the drives in a RAID array in which case you won't be able to put the drive(s) in your computer. Also, depending on how the NAS creates the shares, you may not be able to see them once outside the NAS.

    After looking more closely at this unit, it doesn't appear to be RAID, however I still don't think you will be able to see the shares once the drive is removed from the NAS enclosure.
  2. Most NAS devices have their storage formatted with Unix/Linux file system, so even if you open it and connect the drive directly, you will have troubles copying directly.

    Consumer NASs usually use 100mbit/sec, or 10MByte/sec nectowk, so what you see as speed (5mb/sec) is close to normal.
  3. esox said:
    The first 70 Gb's took almost 4 hrs. ?

    Holly smoke! what kind of NAS do you have? That is slow fro today

    Anyway, the answer is yes. Take the HDD out and connect direct to your system
    Use 3rd party utility to read ext/ufs file system.
    Make sure there is data alter in NAS's HDD
    You can use READ only bridge board to ensure HDD's data is protected
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