Trouble adding RAM to a Dell Latitude

I recently got a dell latitude 5440. It comes with 4 gb ddr3 ram. I've tried adding some RAM myself. The system either boots and doesn't recognize the ram, or doesn't boot at all.

There are two slots which are stacked one on top of the other, although not lined up perfectly in parallel. The top slot is the one I can't get to recognize ram. The ram doesn't click in nicely as customary.

Anybody faced a similar problem before or know any possible solutions? Thanks.
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    First of all the dell latitude 5440
    Uses low voltage 1.35v memory modules.

    SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3L at 1600MHz

    So if the new dimm is of the so type but does not have a suffix of L on the end.
    Then it is not a low voltage dim.
    The laptop may be designed only to use a low powered memory dimm.

    The second is making sure you have the same speed of memory and that the memory timings match.
  2. Ok, thanks for the help. I've not been forced to look closely at the specs of ram modules before. I had some old ones lying around. From what I can tell, they are 1.5V, 1333 MHz, and one spec sheet lists 9-9-9 timing. What exactly is that? Also, I take it I will have to find different modules?
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