Best portable apu a 10 6800k build under 700 dollars

Hey guys i would really like your help in this question.What i was thinking was

a 10 6800k
r9 270x msi 4gd5
4 gigs of ddr3 1600 mhz ram
cooler master chassis 130
mobo should be mini itx
corsair cx 600 watt psu
pls post comments and better builds

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  1. instead of building a apu system why not build a fx system since youre getting a gpu anyway? get a fx6300 save 30 dollars and put it towards 8gigs of ram
  2. no mini itx for fx i want portability
  3. aarnav said:
    no mini itx for fx i want portability

    ah didnt see your case, you could still drop down to a 6600k and save yourself some money
  4. Dude please give me the build please
  5. Best answer
    something like that, you dont need a 4gb vid card unless you plan on gaming on 3 monitors on 1440p+
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