Is a bad thermal paste application making my cpu run hotter?

I was isntalling a CPU cooler (turns out it didnt fit) but I wiped off the old thermal paste and had to apply new thermal paste. Now, just while browsing the internet and not doing anything really processor heavy, the thermal margin was about 25-30 degress C, whereas before it was more like 50 degrees.

Did i put a layer too thin, or could it be the type of thermal paste i put on?
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  1. Yes, just use as small amount as possible of quality paste, to fill in cpu/heatsink imperfection on there surfaces.
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  3. For strictly gaming, the 8350 would be better because of the cost and the fact that there is multithreaded games popping up now. But since you are video rendering, the i5 is your better choice.

    Sorry this is the wrong thread,
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