USB flash needs *insert a disk into drive H* after testing it with h2testw 1.4, why i can't open it?

I bought new USB flash with 512Gb formated capacity on site. I tested it with h2testw 1.4 for recognizing if it's fake or not. (before that I already succeded transfering files but up to 8gb only, after that every file I transfer got deleted but I can see it uses memory of USB, just I can't see the file visualy - it was mp3).

After testing it with h2testw 1.4, when writing was finished up to 400Gb, and when it started verify* process, it said that H disk is corrupted and couldn't verify files after one amount of Gb. When I exit program, I tried openning USB (on disk H), and it said that message *insert a disk into drive H*.
Now whenever I plug in USB flash into my laptop it recognize it as Removable Disk H, and when I click to open it the same message jumps out *insert a disk into drive H*.
when I open properties it says 0 bytes used and free space, and format - Unknown , but it was FAT 32 before checking it with h2testw.
Also in Disk Management it doesn't recognize it in white area, only in gray area usb flash is listed as Removable H. but I can't do anything with it.

What is it with USB flash? I can only tell it's corrupted and fake. But can I recover it and format it into size which is available for use?
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  1. What is the brand is your usb flash and what os are using?
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