Different Browser Shortcuts, with different URLs, open same web page! WHY?

Had 2 pages open in Firefox, and wanted to have a shortcut to both of the web pages, so I just dragged and dropped (in 2 separate folders) the left-most icon (just on the left of www....) from the browser's address bar. That's the way I always create shortcuts to web pages. And so the 2 shortcut files had the exact same name (pls not that), but were referencing to 2 different urls (when I right-clicked on each of them I could clearly see 2 different URLs). Just like this for example - www.MS.com/1 and www.MS.com/2... And when I opened both of the files they both opened the same url - www.MS.com/1. The 2nd one would not open /2... Thought it was a prob with my hdd so renamed the shortcut files and placed them in a different location on my hdd and that then worked both on Chrome and Firefox.

Could not recreate the problem once again, though I tried... It only happened once and only in Firefox, though I doubt it was the browser's fault. Must have been the HDD. As far as I know HDD does not actually delete a file, even after you shift delete it, unless the file actually gets over-riden, over which the user has almost no control. Right or wrong?

Any tips how to prevent this from happening?
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  1. When you delete a file to the recycle bin, Windows merely hides the file from view, it still exists.

    If you empty the recycle bin, or Shift-delete a file, Windows marks that file space available for new files.
    But the file won't be destroyed until a new file actually does overwrite it.
  2. Well, you just said the same thing I said, in case you didn't notice. Thanks anyway, I was looking for an answer to my question actually ...
  3. By 'Any tips how to prevent this from happening?' I meant how to prevent my issue with the shortcuts from happening, not how Windows treats deleted (or shift-deleted) files...
  4. This is not a one-off, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I discovered the steps how to recreate it and made a screenshot found here ...


    Here are ste steps to recreate it.

    1. Open big.dk for example, and at least in my case that redirects you to http://www.big.dk/#projects, but that has no importance as of now.
    2. Make a new folder
    3. Drag and drop into that folder the little icon, which i've pointed out in my screenshot (the above image), in order to create the website shortcut.
    4. So far so good. Now you should have a shortcut that opens http://www.big.dk/#projects, as we should expect.
    5. Shitf+Delete the shortcut from the folder.
    6. Return to your browser (Firefox of Chrome, cannot use these steps for IE) and navigate to another location within that website. E.g. click in the bottom left where it says info. Now the address bar of your browser reads the following - http://www.big.dk/#news
    7. Now drag and drop the little icon of that new location (http://www.big.dk/#news) into the same folder, from which you earlier deleted the first shortcut.
    8. As you see the file shortcut has the exact same name as the earlier one which we deleted (and exactly because of the same file name I think the HDD has issues understanding that this is a completely new file with new properties and obviously new URL)
    9. When you now just double click on the new shortcut we just created you'd expect to see http://www.big.dk/#news, but for some weird reason we get the front page again, namely (http://www.big.dk/#projects) and as I understand it, that happens because the two shortcut file have the same name. So after we deleted the first one and created the new one with the exact same new... Windows still thinks we have the first one and not the 2nd one and that's why it doesn't even look at the new files assigned URL, which obviously is different than the URL of the first file.
    10. So what gives????

    There is this weird mismatch that I very clearly describe in my screenshot from above. How do you explain that? Why are the properties of the shortcut file asynchronized ??? weird !!!!!!

    As I said, the very first shortcut file we created we can just double check its properties and we see that everything is fine there. Both the Details and the Web Document Tabs of the Properties of that file read the same values for URL. But once we delete the initial file and create the new one, on top, then we get this mismatch, described in my screenshot, of different URLs on the Web Document and Details Tabs. WHY? CANT I JUST TRUST MY COMPUTER FOR SIMPLE STUFF LIKE THAT? Is it so much to ask??? This is basic stuff .. come on ... ??!!!?!?

    The issue persists in Chrome, and Firefox. Cant really recreate it in Internet Explorer, with the steps I've described above.
  5. Cant someone try and recreate the issue and tell me if they are getting the same error? Is it a general Windows 7 thing or is it a bug with my hdd ????
  6. Just tried it on another pc.... same problem .... anyone ?>????????????????????????
  7. And now tried it on yet another PC with Windows 8 on it ... same issue. So it is on Win 7, and 8... how great is that? Will try it on Mac too, just for the fun of it :) Seems like nobody cares tho .... how sad!
  8. So? Will anyone confirm to the rest of the world what is already evident to me?
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