How to format rest of my hard drive?

Hey guys, I installed Windows 8 Pro on about half my internal hard drive, and I had Linux on the other half. How to I reformat that other half so my Windows can see it and utilize it? I am a little fuzzy about how to do that. Thanks!
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  1. That depends. Are you willing to lose your Linux and the data on it? A reformat will wipe those out. If you need the files that are there, and to be able to boot Linux after the change, you will either need some snazzy partition manager or a Windows package that will let you read the unix partition. What file format is the Unix partition?
  2. I went in and made it "free space." I already deleted the Linux, I want the whole disk drive to be usable for Windows.
  3. Ah-hah. Getting easier. Do you want a separate drive with a separate drive letter, like D, in which case we format the partition as NTFS? Or do you want to make your C drive larger, in which case we use the Disk Mangler to expand the size of your boot partition?
  4. Let's just make the C drive larger, I don't want to make a D drive. Thanks!
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    In the Disk Manager, you can select the C partition and, if all the space to the right of it is free, choose to resize it larger. I haven't done this in Win8 so I can't exactly describe the images.

    I strongly recommend having a full image backup of your system drive before doing this. The odds of damage are very low, but if there is damage the odds of recovery aren't so great either.
  6. Hmm, maybe I should just create a D drive instead. Would that be safer?
  7. Secondary partition/drive on a single hdd would be better, so you can backup your system regularly and in case of your system fail/crash you can always restore from it.
  8. ok cool so what are the steps?
  9. You should be able to see the hdd partition by right click on My Computer > Manage. Under Computer Management console windows, click Disk Manager under Storage, you will see your listed hard drive. Something similar to this:

    Right click on the black space (Unallocated) and click on New Simple Volume to create the partition.
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