2nd display not working anymore! help

hi, im using a gtx 670 for my main display and its working fine. but also i have vizio tv which was connected to my intergrated video card from the motherboard. but its not display no more for past few days. cant remember if there was an update or that card or what.
but the tv works fine with my ps4.. so i think its the intergrated graphic card? any advice would help thx
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  1. Hook the Visio up to the 670 vs the MB. Not sure how it could have worked previously but your integrated video should be disabled when you're using a dedicated graphics card.
  2. But my 670 only has one hdmi port to it..
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    To test if your onboard VGA is working, simply remove the GTX 670 and connect using the onboard VGA port. If it boot and display properly then the onboard vga is fine. Second option is to disable the onboard VGA in Bios and fully use of the GTX670, but to dual display with your monitor/Vizio you have to get an hdmi cable.
    If both of your monitor/Vizio does not have hdmi port you have to get hdmi-to-dvi cable type.
  4. nvm got it work. just had to go under display and screen resolution to fix it.. young bro, messed with setting in there somewhere and he fix it.. so thx for the reply. btw intergrated and my 670 both are working. vizio with intergrated and 670 for monitor.
  5. Check your bios to make sure multiple gpu is on, if you are using the integrated video, go to device manager to make sure under display it lists intel 2000, 000, etc. if not, right click and scan for hardware changes. should automatically download a driver. go to you control panel and check your display options and the extend display settings. and as always make sure the device is plugged in and powered on.
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