GTX 760 EVGA Superclocked ACX vs MSI TF Gaming

Hello, I know this question has been asked a lot, but I have something different to consider, I don't live in the US so warranty is something I don't care about, and i've seen that together with customer support, warranty is one of the strong points of the EVGA card, but since I don't have to worry about warranties, I wan't to ask which graphics card in better in terms of performance, cooling, and overclocking potencial. Oh and I don't mind the noise either, so its not a problem if one is louder than the other. I am not considering the gigabyte gtx 760 windoforce, because it doesn't fit my case.
Thank you very much in advance !
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    MSI Twin Frozr Edition is my favourite since I have an EVGA and MSI edition of the GTX 760 in my home. Performance wise, you could really get the same out of all of them with overclocking. Cooling, the MSI Twin Frozr Edition is best. Overall, go for the MSI Twin Frozr edition.
  2. i believe the fans on the msi are slightly larger so i would choose this one personally as more airflow
  3. Well depending on your budget and where you are you should look at the EVGA FTW one. slightly higher clocks than the SC and overclocks better
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