Guide on building a new rig under a budget.

Hi guys,

Please take some of your time reading and its quite long.

I firstly apologize for my silly question which I once posted here few weeks ago.( this is my 2nd question ).

Anyway, I have a budget of 1000 - 13xx USD which I would use to purchase my new rig. Mainly use for gaming + mining if it is capable of, and some video rendering and modeling in the future.
I also plan to overclock it and add in another GPU in future, hopefully this rig will last for a couple of years to come.

I have a quote of:

$1530 ( Around 1200 USD )

MSI B85-G43 Gaming + i7-4770 (Board is black & red color)
2X4GB G.Skill Ripjaw 1600CL11 ValueRam
Coolermaster X6 CPU cooler
Sapphire R9-280X 3GB OC
Seasonic M12II Modular 750W
Sharkoon T28 Red Color interior
WD 1TB Blue
Samsung DVD 24X

My question is:

Mobo - Asus maximus series / msi gaming series ( i want to have red and black combo ) but feel free to suggest others which have the same combo I want.

Will i7 3770k be better and cheaper?

Should I use a faster RAM? CL11 and below. ( I don't think there's much difference tho )

Cooler is abit overkill, but i think it prepares itself for future

Preferably the an equivalent GPU or better ( keeping in budget range ) ATI board preferred, due to cheaper to price comparison, but welcome to give any advice.

Quite an overkill too, but will it be enough to support if I add in another GPU and overclock in future? Or should I get a just nice PSU, then change it in future?

Casing is good enough.

HDD or SSD ? Or a SSD with around 100-200GB then use it for the meantime and add in another HDD / SSD in future? I don't have knowledge about WD green / blue / red, etc etc. So I don't know which to choose.

DVD drive - Don't have any preference, as long as its reliable and RW-able.

My main aim for this rig is to look good and awesome. I asked the person to have a black-red colour matching in mind as black + red looks really good, same goes to the choice of cooler and casing.

I would also like to pump the rig to have LED + watercooled ( in future, not now )

I wouldn't mind getting a used product from my country as long as its under warranty and good condition. ( Some people bought new stuff just for a simple upgrading )
Lets say you prefer a certain build, but without RAM while advising me to get a 2nd-hand RAM from other people.

I'll only use it on a FULL HD resolution. Hopefully to get high - ultra settings with every game I throw at it.

So yeah, that's about it.

Lastly, thanks for your precious time reading, and hope I can receive some answers.
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    A i5 4670k would be best, allowing you to spend money on a better motherboard or graphics card.
  2. PsychoGamingLemon said:
    A i5 4670k would be best, allowing you to spend money on a better motherboard or graphics card.

    Thanks for the reply, will take note on that.
  3. Bump, some answer please?
  4. Why spend so much on the CPU if doing a budget build? For example --

    AMD FX-8350, Socket AM3+
    Number of cores:8
    Frequency:4.0GHZ (4.2 Turbo)
    L2 Cache:4x2 MB
    L3 Cache:8 MB
    Thermal Design Power:125W

    And it can be OCed. But, of course, you'll need a different mobo . . .
    Hint: "question" is too long, and you are really asking for suggestions, aren't you?
  5. Yes, the AMD would be a great choice and Asus do a ROG motherboard on that platform.
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