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I have hooked an HP laptop up to TV's via an HDMI splitter. The TV's are set to HDMI because we are using the screens for media in a church. The desktop from the laptop is extended to the TV's, but for some reason both TV's are jumping to DVI and the screens go in and out and eventually it goes blank and says "unsupported mode". I'm using HDMI cables and have plugged the cables into the HDMI ports on the TV's and the laptop. Does anyone have any idea why the TV is jumping to DVI mode?
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  1. the tv should have two hdmi slots? if this is correct then slot #1 is what you need to plug the laptop into. Slot #1 should be hdmi/dvi, and slot #2 is regular hdmi. Some display adapters on computers/laptops only know how to put a picture up if it is dvi compatible. which slot #1 should be.
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