gtx 660 or hd 7870 on 1440x900 resolution ?

my specs are:
amd fx 6300
corsair 550 W psu
4 gb ram

which is better gtx 660 or hd 7870 on 1440x900 resolution monitor....
m getting 660 a bit cheaper...

I usually play games like gta4,gta 5[soon],arkham series,max payne 3...
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  1. The gtx 660 outweighs the 7870 in terms of core and boost clock and in memory speed and they're both around the same price so i'd say go for the gtx 660.
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    performance is almost same with 7870 just a bit faster(2-5%) in some games, if the 660 is cheaper than get it
  3. Yeah the 7870 is slightly faster. But unless the price difference is equally small, might as well buy the 660
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