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i updated to win 8.1 form 8 and now i want to revert back so i have checked every where but there is no way because i dont have recovery disk or files i am thinking that can i copy recovery files from same another laptop i have dell 5521
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  1. There is no way to uninstall the Windows 8.1 upgrade. If you did not create a Windows 8 system image before you performed the update, you are left with the option of reinstalling Windows 8 from bootable media (sounds like you don't have this either,) or from the online installer.

    Provided you have a valid product key, you can click the appropriate link on the following site and begin the process of reinstalling Windows 8:

    Make sure you have backed up all of the information you wish to guarantee safe keeping of before proceeding, as it can easily be lost during the installation of any version of Windows.
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    I think I am done with my problem I copied the factory backup files from the dell backup and recovery app to 16GB USB and the i tried to reset the windows firstly it was asking to put a recovery media in laptop to reset windows then i inserted that USB and here i am done with my problem...but make sure that you have to make permanent usb for that process the actual size was 12.74gb of factory backup that's why i used 16gb usb...and problem i can again update to 8.1......
  3. Glad to hear you got it worked out! :-)
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