16GB RAM for MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming

Hello All,

I seem to have encountered a problem with this motherboard (I have not purchased it yet), which I am trying to use in my first rig. I was originally planning of buying 16GB RAM (2x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport, but this is not in the supported RAM page for the motherboard. Source:
So, I have about $160 to spend on RAM, and may be willing to go a little higher. I would prefer my timings to be 9-9-9-24, if at all possible. My main question is: Can I stay with the Ballistix Sport, even though MSI states that the RAM is not supported? If I can not use the Ballistix Sport, what 16GB RAM should I be getting. My preference is to use this RAM as 2x8GB Sticks. If you need any extra information about my rig, it can be found here:
There is no OS included because I already have a Win7 Installer disk and validated key.

Thank you all in advance for your time.
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  1. In some rare cases you can only use what is on the list, but it is pretty safe to assume that the list is just ones they have tested and know will work with the motherboard.

    In most cases you can pick any compatible RAM and put it in the motherboard (I say "in most cases", because that's how it normally works, but sometimes some motherboard + RAM combinations cause problems due to some unknown reason).

    Additional note:
    I see that the Crucial Ballistix Sport requires 1.35v. Most of the RAM on the compatibility list are 1.5, but I do see a few 1.35v, so it *might* work ok.

    Anyways, since you are using Crucial, use their great memory check tool on their own site. Here's what they have for your motherboard:
  2. Hi,

    Your RAM is supported by your msi mobo. That is only a small selection of RAM because MSI can't list them all. As long as it's DDR3, 1066mhz and a DIMM (as opposed to a SO-DIMM which are for laptops) then it will work.

    If you haven't bought it already I would recommend 1833mhz RAM or higher because haswell likes speedy RAM. If you wanted to know, I'm using this RAM with msi z87 g45 (practically same mobo):

    Has worked perfectly, would highly recommend! But pretty much any RAM will be able to run on that motherboard, if you would prefer the Crucial Ballistix sport.
  3. Can go with most any 2x8GB set, the QVLs are pretty worthless, see here:

    With Haswell, 1600/9 is basically entry level, I normally start with a minimum of 1866/8 or 9 and more often than not go 2133/9 or better if using a K model CPU...GSkill Tridents and SNipers are very good with Haswell
  4. Based on what Tradesman1 has said, I have found 3 RAM slots
    The Trident X: DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 Timing 7-8-8-24
    The Sniper: DDR3 186 PC3 14900 Timing 9-10-9-28
    The Ripjaws Z: DDR3 2133 PC3 17000 Timing 11-11-11-31

    Which of these is the best option do you guys think? Are the higher timings justified by the Mhz increase?
    Ripjaws Z:

    Also, are there any other suggestions you guys have? If so, please post a link.
    Thank you all.
  5. Best answer
    The Tri's are fantastic, the Snipers are good sticks at 1866/9 and actually a little better than the 2133/11 RJ Zs (the Snipers can run 2133 at CL10 - of the three the 1600 set might be best, it will run 1866 at CL8 and possibly 2133 at CL9
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