Buzzing noise when playing 3D games

Hello everyone :) !

a month ago I built a new computer, those are its components:

INTEL Core i5 4670K
MSI Z87-G43
8 Gb DDR3 CORSAIR Vengeance
1000 Go - WD Blue - 7200 Tr/min - SATA 6 Gb/s - 64 Mo - Bulk - WD10EZEX
MSI R9 280X GAMING 3G - Radeon R9 280X - 3 Go - PCI-E
Corsair CX Bronze 600 Watts - 80+ Bronze
My sound card is a Presonus AudioBox 22VSL and I have a pair of home studio speakers (ESI Near 05).

Everything works fine, but when I play to 3D games there is a noise that, according to what I have read and heard on the net, it is a ground loop. I have tried several things to find from where the problem could come, I have tried to change the speakers and the audio cables, I have updated the drivers of every component, I have tried to disable the IRQ's of the computer... The noise is still there.

I have tried to change the graphic card for the one integrated in the processor and the noise disappears. But of course, it is not a solution.

When I listen with headphones I don't hear the noise. I don't think the problem comes from the speakers because I tried with different ones.

The wire that connects the PSU it's grounded, I changed the one that came with the new case with one that I had before and I noticed that the noise was dimmed. (Good news :)) But the problem isn't solved yet, there's still noise.

Apart from the noise, in some games I see horizontal lines in the screen, I see them more when I am in dark places.

Here are a sample of the noise and a video of the lines in the screen (it is a bit hard to see them):



Could someone give me a clue of how could I solve this problem?

Thank you so much!
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  1. For the noise, I would disconnect external hardware(external drives/powered usb hubs/capture card/ect. Try disconnect the screen even to see if it helps.) to see if it goes away. I does not seem to be coil whine, but that happens as well on some systems.

    I do not quite see the lines in your video, but my guess would be you are seeing page tearing. Try to play your games with Vsync on to see if that helps the line issue.
  2. have you tried to move PC away to different plug,, like from downstairs to upstairs to be sure,

    I had customer who had floor tile heater taped into plug for first floor that made electric outlet (things u plug in them) buzzz like crazy, tv barely worked the voltage was belove 100v
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